Clarity is overrated, but Vision is everything.

Clarity is overrated, but Vision is everything.

You can have VISION without having CLARITY. They are not the same thing.

You can function and move forward on projects without clarity. You can intend the clarity will come ... and feel your way through it. All of these things can work until clarity walks in the room (thank you, Chrissie Hynde).

But vision is everything. Because once you have it, things start clicking. Things start flowing. It's magical.

You can have vision, see:
"I want to go have a summer vacation in Acadia National Park in Maine."

Without having clarity:
"I'm going to stay in this cabin, and go to the top of Cadillac mountain. Here's my map. Here's when the weather will be clear."

Complete different things, eh?

Vision says: "I'm going to write this book and it's going to be about this woman's journey from scared girl who's afraid to share her voice, to powerful, confident woman."

Clarity says: "Here's the table of contents. This character here tells this specific angle of the story. The story is about blank, blank, and blank. It's a metaphor for blank. The story builds until the heroine does this, and then she realizes this, and that brings resolution."

We often try to get clarity without having vision first, and not only is that frustrating as fuck, it's also like trying to figure out how to get to Maine without first deciding that you're going to Maine.

It's a lot harder.

Clarity will come as you explore. You don't have to have it all figured out first.

But vision is everything.

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