Aim for the Stars Guided Roadmap

Aim for the Stars Guided Roadmap


Setting goals is easy. Reaching them is hard. 
But the Aim for the Stars Roadmap can help!

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Setting goals is easy. Reaching them is hard. 
But the Aim for the Stars Roadmap can help!

You know how you start off the new year saying things like:
“This year is going to be different.”
“I’m going to do that thing I’ve been talking about for years.”
“I’m going to stay focused, make a plan, and work it. I’m not going to let distraction get in my way.”

And then months go by, and you haven’t done much of anything you dreamed of accomplishing?

Aim for the Stars: A Guided Roadmap has the power to change all that for you.

This is no ordinary roadmap. This one actually clears the roads for you. It’s designed to help you FOCUS, making your power of intention laser-like, like aiming sunlight through a magnifying glass so it can set paper on fire.

The roadmap contains:

  • Oodles of insightful coaching questions to help you reflect, refine, and realize your goals
  • The 3 things that make reaching your dreams so much easier—if they are aligned (plus how to align them)
  • Worksheets where you’ll create your vision then refine it so you can achieve it; choose your word or theme for the year; identify actions, habits, and building blocks so your goals can happen; and more
  • 24 delightfully-designed pages full of adorable illustrations and loads of white space for you to dream (this is truly your safe space to map out how you are going to reach your goals)
  • And lots more goodies to keep you from getting stuck

You might think of it as your virtual coach-in-a-PDF, guiding you to reach your heart’s desires faster and more effortlessly than you thought possible!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about reaching goals and put it into this kit. 

Download it, grab your favorite beverage, light a candle, and start mapping out how you ARE going to reach your goals—in 2018 and beyond.

NOTE: The pages in this workbook are not editable. You will receive a PDF in letter-size, 8 1/2” x 11” format. The roadmap is meant to be a physical experience, printed and filled in with pen and paper—therefore the PDF does not have fill-in form fields.

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